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The Well



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The Well is a private place of refuge for women who have experienced abuses  of all sorts. We work hard to end abuse by protecting, rescuing, and empowering survivors. Our purpose is to support women in building a strong and positive foundation helping them help themselves. Our hearts desire is to empower women so that they can return to society as well-equipped women. Our  Mission  is To givE life back to women and children after life was stolen.Our major focuses are reduce, rescue, restore and reintegrate.

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Many wells throughout history were parts of betrothal scenes, deliverance, comfort,  forgiveness, healing, relaxation and revelation.  As water is life giving and symbolizes creation and new beginnings, it is noteworthy that well water sources, such as The Well is a place to re-manifest self.   A place for hurting girls and women to be protected and restored into a new place after traumas of old.  A place  to refine themselves and  be set free. Life lives at The Well.

San Diego Mother Theresa



Reducing sex trafficking starts by confronting the demand for trafficking and addressing the needs of the women and children in our community. This includes working to keep these kids out of the hands of pedophiles, pimps and traffickers who perpetrate and perpetuate the industry. If it is acceptable to sell your women and children, or to buy a girl for a night, the cycle will never end.


Humanitarian aid, education and the transformative power of Jesus Christ are changing the communities that allow, or participate in, sex trafficking. The Well serves women and children in many ways through our communities and churches, schools, seminars, and trainings alongside of The Well’s Medical Clinic Resources. We also minister to potential traffickers with the goal of transforming them into abolitionists in their community.



The Well’s Rescue Team has been conducts neighbor helping neighbor investigations, perform raids, make arrests, and rescue victims of trafficking alongside of the San Diego law enforcement. No other organization has been given so much freedom and trust! 

Our rescue partners and roles are:


The women and girls who have been sold, abused, held captive and devastated by sex trafficking need more than a one-night raid and one day of healthcare. Our restoration programs provide survivors with love, hope, healing, and the tools for a brand-new life that will last a lifetime. Survivors stay in our Restoration home for as long as they need, and our loving team of social workers follow up with these women for the rest of their lives.

Our restoration partners and roles are:



We ensure survivors feel valued, loved, and are placed in a strong community with a sustainable job. Once they are ready to start their new life of freedom, they need to be equipped to survive in a world where some would still like to victimize them. This means training them with marketable skills that will enable them to work in healthy jobs, and in many cases, providing them with employment opportunities.

Our reintegration partners and roles are:


From Trauma to Marriages.  We seek normal lives here at The Well

Located in Julian, Ca, perfectly situated between rolling hills adjacent the National State Park. The Well  is the desert venue for the wedding of your dreams. Couples choose from a variety of sceneries on the flat 3 acres chateau  including a large barn that can be transformed to fit any wedding idea.  For an outdoor wedding, The Well  is both luxuriant and encircled by stunning hills, fresh air, nature and the unique beauty that only the desert can offer. 


Immerse yourself in the secret place, The Well. A place to be delivered, completely healed and be at peace. A place to enhance mental, emotional and physical well-being.  The Well escapes the embodiment of every distraction outside its gates.  At the well you will experience a deep sense of inner peace as you totally surrender and submit every moment.

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